Helping You Achieve Your Winning Edge for Life
Recently we have seen the rise of various sporting academies for children created to assist them on their journey towards professional sport. At Winning Edge Academy we believe in a more comprehensive approach which eclipses anything that can be accomplished within the sporting arena. This is not just about sport. This is about life!


It is becoming increasingly clear that schools in this modern age are simply unable to deliver many of the vital skills required to succeed in society. The political pressure to fit more into the curriculum means that educators are struggling to find time to teach many of the so called ‘little things’ that have traditionally been the backbone of a solid education.

Physical Education and the arts are often the first areas to go and after founder Luke Cunningham witnessed this type of cutback in his own teaching career, he identified the opportunity for private enterprise to occupy this new and emerging market. The mandated time that must be spent on physical activity is currently only 2 hours per week.

With a growing obesity crisis in our country it is essential that we develop positive habits towards exercise and healthy eating at young age. However the situation in our schools is as such that the intervention must come from outside organisations. Clearly something needed to be done.

Winning Edge Academy was created from a strong passion for coaching, educating and mentoring children. Our vision is to expose young people to experiences both on and off the field that prepare them for success in an increasingly competitive world. To give them a winning edge that extends far beyond the scoreboard and into every aspect of their day to day lives.


At WEA our mission is-
“To build a solid foundation of success upon which children can construct their tower of life.”

The Winning Edge Difference
What sets us apart is a proven ability to ignite a spark for life in the children we work with using our unique common sense approach to preparing them for the road ahead. We firmly believe that no one can truly know what children are capable of until they are exposed to the kind of conditions that encourage their hidden talents and abilities to come to the fore.


The Winning Edge Culture
At WEA values such as discipline, attention to detail, teamwork, resilience and determination are embedded into everything we do. It is the glue that binds together the various elements of our business, creating a culture which facilitates success and clearly illustrates that ‘this is the way we do things around here.