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♦️WEA Private Basketball Facility Booragoon
♦️SMALL GROUPS-Maximum of 10 athletes in each session (first in first served)
♦️5 Basketball Hoops for efficient training and more shots!
♦️$15 per session for 10 sessions (LATE SIGNUPS CALCULATED PRO RATA)

7-11yrs MON (3.30-4.30)
7-11yrs MON (4.30-5.30)
7-11yrs MON (5.30-6.30)
12-15yrs MON (6.30-7.30)
7-11yrs TUES (3.30-4.30)
7-11yrs TUES (4.30-5.30)
7-11yrs TUES (5.30-6.30)
12-15yrs TUES (6.30-7.30)
4-6yrs WED (3.30-4.30)
7-11yrs WED (4.30-5.30)
12-15yrs WED (5.30-6.30)
7-11yrs THURS (3.30-4.30)
7-11yrs THURS (4.30-5.30)
12-15yrs THURS (5.30-6.30)
16-18yrs THURS (6.30-7.30)
4-6yrs FRI (3.30-4.30)
7-11yrs FRI (4.30-5.30)
4-6yrs SAT (8.30-9.30)
7-11yrs SAT (9.30-10.30)
12-15yrs SAT (10.30-11.30)
16-18yrs SAT (11.30-12.30)
7-11yrs SUN (10.00-11.00)
7-11yrs SUN (11.00-12.00)
12-15yrs SUN (12.00-1.00)
7-11yrs SUN (3.00-4.00)
7-11yrs SUN (4.00-5.00)


The Winning Edge Basketball Academy offers a range of programs which provide children between the ages of 8 and 16 with the opportunity to access quality coaching within a professional and supportive environment.

Run under the guidance of Head Coach and 3 time NBL Championship Player Matt Knight (Perth Wildcats), Winning Edge Basketball Academy provides a level of coaching previously unavailable outside of the WABL system. With his long and distinguished professional career coming to an end, Knight will join Winning Edge at the end of the 2017/18 Summer Season and take up a role as Head of Basketball at WEA. With a passion for working with Children and an advanced understanding of what it takes to do well in the sport we felt Matty was the perfect person to coordinate our programs moving forward.


Taking place at the spectacular Winning Edge HQ Basketball Centre– WEA Basketball Development Programs provide Children with a chance to develop the skills required to excel in the game of Basketball.

It is open to Boys and Girls of all abilities within the specified age range, with separate groups operating within the one session to ensure all children are suitably challenged and extended.

Winning Edge HQ is located in Myaree (near Garden City Shopping Centre) at 53 Norma Road.


Teams began taking the court under the Winning Edge Banner in August at the Lakeside Recreation Centre in the Summer Domestic Competition. The rationale behind the introduction of WEA Basketball teams is to provide greater consistency in the message our athletes receive. All teams are coached by Winning Edge Basketball Coaches (Coordinated by Matt Knight).

In coming seasons at various associations throughout Perth, existing teams will be invited to come across as they are to play for Winning Edge or individual athletes will be welcome to be a part of new teams which are formed to allow more Children to play the game.

The aim of WEA Basketball Club is to provide an organised and professional environment for teams. This focus along with the importance of providing quality coaching is our mission rather than simply trying to put together teams of dominant players (It’s only domestic basketball).

To register your interest or find out more please email

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