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8 Session Term Pack- One session per week at any location for 8 weeks ($15 per session)

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16 Sessions

Fitness Programs

16 Session Term Pack- Two Sessions per week at any location for 8 weeks ($12.50 per session)

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Sports Programs

Winning Edge Specialist Football (AFL), Netball or Basketball Programs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I use the sessions with any fitness program?

The packs can be applied to any session. Your coach will advise you on which programs are most suitable for you and we encourage you to participate in any sessions you wish to!

Q: Do I need a fitness assessment prior to commencing?

Your coach will ask you about your health and well-being prior to you commencing, and we will tailor our training to suit you.

Q. Is it possible to be a ‘pay as you go’ casual member of Winning Edge?

Our policy is for membership fees to be paid upfront per term, however in cases with extenuating circumstances WEA may approve the payment for sessions to be made on a casual basis. WEA reserves the right to make a judgement on a case by case basis and casual payment requires approval from management prior to commencing the selected program.

Q. Can children make up sessions during other timeslots if they are unable to attend on their regular day?

Yes. Members are entitled to make up any missed sessions at another time or location for the same program. We simply ask that parents notify us of this change wherever possible.

Q: Do the packs expire?

You have 12 months to use the vouchers up. If you have an injury and are unable to train, we can extend the expiry for you. Please talk to us, we are happy to help!

Q. Is the Academy only for athletic children?

Winning Edge Academy caters for all abilities. Some of our programs are selective and require a certain level of performance; however WEA also provide development programs for children to work towards gaining entry into these elite Academies in the future. Winning Edge is a life Academy and we endeavour to help all children unlock their potential through participation in our programs.

Q. Is the training uniform compulsory?

The Winning Edge training uniform is currently compulsory for members of our High Performance Fitness and Elite Running Programs. Members of other programs will be required to purchase the uniform by the end of 2016 if continuing with WEA in 2017. The training merchandise will then be compulsory for all sessions from the start of Term 1 2017. This decision has been made to support the overall culture of the Academy as we have found many children solely associate with the children from their school when wearing school uniforms to sessions. At Winning Edge we are ‘one team’ and the official training uniform supports this ethos.

Q. Do you have to be a member to attend the Winning Edge School Holiday Camps?

No. School holiday camps are open to all children in the country and metropolitan area who meet the guidelines of the specific camp (eg Age/Gender/Sport). WEA members will however be given first preference in securing places for camps.